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100 Faces From El Paso

On November 1st, we'll be presenting the "100 Faces From El Paso" show at La Mano Grafica in beautiful Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Before doing so, we wanted to give YOU, the people who've helped me make this project such a fun and wonderful experience, first dibs on picking your favorite piece. (The online store has closed, all further sales will be through La Mano Graphica.) All online orders will be shipped upon conclusion of the show.

 Thank you all for the everlasting support! 


number 04

Issue 01

Friendzone is a typographic and illustrative story that depicts the pains and horrors of the ever so evil and common Friend Zone. When the one you love, just doesn’t feel the same about you. We’ve all been there and regardless of which side of the coin you stand on, these stories resonate with the hopelessly emotional folks out there who were always shooting for the stars but ended up only touching the clouds. Issue 01 explores the beautifully tragic relationship between author and designer Enrique and his first High School crush, Carla.



the comics

The first incarnation from the It’s Art, Dad family are stories that began this whole journey. Taken from the mind of Tommy and penciled in by Enrique, these stories chronicle the trials and tribulations of growing up in El Paso and now living in the Bay Area. 

the zines

Handmade from the obscure and deep in the pits of pain and love, the zines explore a range of themes, formats, and mediums. These stories explore the growth of clouds and the dark and dreadful realms inside the friend zone.

The books

The 100 Faces From El Paso Book is a dedication to the beautiful people of El Paso, Texas. A town filled with strangers, weirdos, cholos, friends and family. A chronicled journey of 100 days of making, portraits, hand-drawn on matchbooks accompanied by fictional stories based on real people that live(d) in El Paso.


the rest

From totes to poster to hopeful new ventures like music, we’re cranking them gears to create more pieces with our friends at It’s Art, Dad.




Sausalito, Ca


Our humble working studio is located in the hills of Sausalito, California and nestled within the beautiful woods of Marin City. We’ll usually get together, play records, draw, ideate, make food, and casually drink copious amounts of mescal in the process. Keeps everything a little more interesting.

When you make something no one hates, no one loves it.
— Tibor Kalman