Thank you

The online sale has closed. We couldn't thank you enough to everyone who purchased a matchbook. We'd also like to thank everyone who helped us along the way to get to this point. From simply logging on to take a look, to joining us for our November 1st event at La Mano Grafica, in Patzcuaro, Mexico.

A collection of 100 faces of people from El Paso, Texas, illustrated by Enrique Barrios on matchbooks. Each portrait includes their story—part fiction, part truth. Capturing the beauty of the Sun City and its people through an honest lens — a mixture of the tragic, comedic, romantic, happy, and sometimes awkward everyday moments.

All 100 matchbooks have been framed (8.25 x 11 inches, white), floating between two panes of glass, so the front and back are both visible. Many of the faces are drawn on vintage matchbooks, adding to their character and charm. A gallery show of all 100 is being exhibited at La Mano Graphica in Patzcuaro, Mexico, opening November 1st.

If you purchased a matchbook, it will be shipped to you upon conclusion of the exhibit in December.

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