It’s Art, Dad was founded by Enrique Barrios and Tommy Busch. Two dudes from the west Texas town of El Paso, Texas. There, they met at the brisk age of fourteen while volunteering for “Comida Para Vida,” or “Food, Not Bombs.” They’re friendship was fueled by desert winds, Cap N’ Jazz mix tapes, frustrations with girls, school, and parents, and a shared love for art and storytelling.

Reconnecting in the Bay Area post High School and Art School days, Tommy and Enrique joined forces in 2008 to work on comics that Tommy had been brewing for some time. Tommy’s film background and everlasting romance with comics enlighten his talent to tell stories with a unique perspective. Enrique’s depth in design, type, and illustration gives the stories form.

Their comics capture a sometimes lamentable youth embattled by growing pains, love, heartbreak, booze, and obscure landscapes. Traveling between El Paso and the Bay Area, their stories range from personal heartbreaks to abstract stories of clouds, with dark humor as their wooden stagecoach.